by jwomack

All the presentations were very good. I was impressed with everyone’s ideas for their future schools. I hope that we all would seriously take these projects into our schools with us and try to make changes. It was really fun to work with my group and come up with this plan for our 21st century school. I truly hope that someday I will be able to teach or be involved with a school like the one my group came up with. Most groups were focused on culturalism, which is good. There was a lot of making sure things were culturally diverse, and giving our students an understanding of the world. I liked the group that based their schedule on built in remediation time. I think that would be very beneficial to students. In thinking about my group’s school this would play into our idea of no high stakes. Allowing the students to have planned time to go over subjects really takes the stress out of learning. I also liked the last group’s idea about being greener as a school. Having a school garden to harvest and then sell I think is a great idea to teach students in so many different areas. This is also a very creative way to fund the school. I thought all groups did well with funding, but I really enjoyed the ideas that we came up with. Having a school owned diner I think would really benefit everyone in the long term. Like the garden the diner is a source of funding as well as a active teaching tool. After the presentations I think I would give more thought to remediation. This was a great tool presented and I do not think it is utilized enough. There were plenty of times in school that I could have used this, but it was after school or inconvenient. If it were a class within my day I would have used that time wisely to help me with subject or concepts that I did not understand. All the groups really focused on experience and how that affected a students learning. This is something that I would solidify in my philosophy as a must. Dewey said that we cannot rely on the tradition of education, but we must test our programs and see what really works (Ornstein, Levine, Gutek. 2011). Moving forward with all the school models there was a focus in different ways on making sure there were solid interactions. Whether that is student to student or teacher to student I believe that we all want meaningful education to take place. When I went to school and even now there is such a focus on standardization and making sure that we pass these big tests. I believe this takes away from our teaching and does not really educate our students. While most groups had testing standards to meet their actual schools seemed more focused on subject matter and not so much things on a test. I also liked the idea of alternate testing i.e. group tests or cumulative works. In the end I learned that I was in a class with a group of people who are here to make a change. All of the class has great ideas and a solid base for how they would like to see education take place. I look forward to seeing our ideas come to fruition.



References Ornstein, A., & Levine, D., & Gutek, G. (2011). Foundations of education (11th ed).