It is so important to identify why learning is meaningful.  It would be much easier if students paid attention and quietly learned what we teach them, but they do not.  We as teachers have a wide range of classrooms with different personalities, and learners.  Our students want and a lot of times NEED to know why what we are teaching them is relevant or they will not care to learn it and tune out.  I like how Dr. Coffman states that as we breakdown a lesson and identifying the meaningful parts, we as teachers are creating a structured lesson that our students will pay attention to (Coffman p. 52, 2013).  As a first year teacher it is interesting everyday to encounter new aspects of teaching as I am still learning in my masters work.  Our students want to know why they are learning something.  If the lesson is not structured and active for the students to participate, it is going to be a struggle to keep a hold of your classroom.  I agree with Dr. Coffman that it is essential for students to take the lead in their own inquiry based learning (Coffman p. 50, 2013).  It allows them freedom and gives them the opportunity to work problems on their own and with their peers.  Using technology to teach our students through real world experiences is one of the many tools we as teachers need to take advantage of.

I am excited to start creating my music video because it will give me another great incite to a learning tool that I can use in the classroom.  Though I have not started my video as of this blog, looking at the animoto examples I believe this will be a great resource.  Moving forward in my teaching career I think having students create review videos for each unit or couple of units would be a great learning experience and opportunity.  Making the video would give my students a creative and fun way to review their understanding of what we learned.  This activity also allows my students to be get accustomed with technology tools that may be easier for them to operate then just coming up with 10 example test questions.  I also found the Google Reader to be a useful resource.  This would be a great lesson on consolidating students options for researching information.  Students could create blogs and have weekly assignments or postings.  They could have a folder for world news sites and a folder for student blogs.  I could use this as a tool to get discussions going on the happenings of the world and how that effects the class and their future.  Engaging the students in critical thinking and applying those skills to issues that will matter to them as they get older.  Technology changes every day and I believe teaching has to change as fast to keep up the pace.


Coffman, T. (2013). Using inquiry in the classroom: developing creative thinkers and information literate students. (2nd ed.). Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield Education.


  1. hyoung914 on 02.17.2013

    Animoto is a really cool tool! I started making my video already. It’s neat to put it all together and watch it as a video. I think students would really like this idea. I like how you gave it thought about why it’s important to let the student know why they are learning!