by jwomack

New ways to keep our kids interested in learning continue to pop up.  It amazes me at how many programs there are that help make learning interesting.  Yet, I believe most teachers do not take the time to explore these new options that could keep their students tuned in a bit longer.  Having students use fun concept maps with Inspiration, or sharing information through Wallwisher are both amazing ways of making learning and studying fun.  I like the idea of posing open ended questions to students to spark their thought as it relates to web inquiry (Coffman p. 84-85, 2013) .  Allowing the students to explore different possibilities to problems is a necessity.  In this day in age I feel that students are too limited in how they answer things.  Students are required more often than not to provide one specific answer.  There is not much focus on how students got the answer and unfortunately I believe the how is much more beneficial than the actual answer.  Students struggle with needing to find the correct answer because they are taught how to answer questions and not how to THINK and answer questions.  I cannot tell you how many times in a day a student asks me how to do something and has not even started the problem.  The focus must be moved to the thinking and not answering the question.  With inquiry comes an opening of the mind that will hopefully lead to correct answers.

I found Wallwisher to be a great tool.  I started mine on special education tips and I hope to gain a lot of useful notes from it.


This is a great tool to use to guide students in online research.  It gives them a fun way to organize the information they find and then share it with others.  It also opens up the door to make their search for information much easier with many helpful notes already posted on certain walls.  You could easily have your students each find information on specific topics and then present their information to the rest of the class.  You could also do a popcorn exercise.  If you were in civics you could have students each go through certain terms to find information on each.  It would also be a great tool to monitor students and how they are planning or organizing thoughts on a subject.  The teacher could edit or add comments and helpful links if the student is struggling.  This tool also allows for differentiation with student pace.  There are many options to explore and it makes research easy and fun.  It could also be a way for students to take notes and link to teacher’s PowerPoint’s.  Students could constantly reference this page to get a quick look at everything they have done in the class.  It would also provide the students with a great study tool.  Students are bored and it is important to utilize as many great resources as possible.



Coffman, T. (2013). Using inquiry in the classroom: developing creative thinkers and information literate students. (2nd ed.). Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield Education.


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